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U2 frontman Bono is pictured in Brussels, Belgium, in this 2012 photo. U2 was supposed to be the first client at the soon-to-open Rock Lititz Studio, according to the band's production manager,  but the group's album and tour have been postponed.

Stargazing might be on the rise in Lititz after all.

The developers of Rock Lititz Studio made clear from the start that the mammoth rehearsal facility under construction in Warwick Township is designed for technical crews, not performers themselves.

But the company is acknowledging that performers might also pop in for a day or two at some point in the tour-preparation process.

Which means the likes of Bono, Madonna and others might someday walk the streets of Lititz — or at least whiz by in a limo.

But don’t expect any regular public displays of stardom. Secrecy and privacy will dominate, and no public performances are planned. Unless they prefer otherwise, stars will slip in and out of town as quietly as possible.

"Rock Lititz Studio is a production rehearsal facility where the very best designers, technicians, engineers and crew members can create, assemble, test and rehearse the many technical layers of a concert or other live performance,” general manager Andrea Shirk said Monday.

“From time to time, the 'star' may choose to join the production in Lititz for a few days,” she added. “We will do our best to exceed their expectations in every way possible, from privacy to hospitality."

Stars could stay spend a night or two in the area, or helicopter in and out in a day, the Wall Street Journal noted last week in a story that declared Lititz to be “Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Company Town.”

U2 was scheduled to be the first client for the $7 million, 1-million-square-foot Rock Lititz Studio after it opens in a few weeks, Jake Berry, a production manager for U2, Madonna and other acts, told the Journal. But the band’s upcoming album and tour have been postponed.

Rock Lititz Studio is a project of Clair Global and Tait Towers, two Lititz-based concert-tour industry leaders with a lengthy list of well-known clients.

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