A New York woman used several fake driver's licenses, Social Security cards and credit cards while buying Apple iPhones at Lancaster County Walmarts in an attempt to make money, police say.

Stephanie Annette Burr, 57, of Arverne, New York, was charged on Saturday with 17 felony counts of theft and forgery after a Sheetz employee found her purse that was left in the West Earl Township gas station, according to an affidavit of probable cause.

The Sheetz employee called state police after finding “multiple driver's licenses” with the same woman’s photo but different names, police said.

While driving to Sheetz, the state trooper pulled over a vehicle on Route 222 for driving without lights on and found Burr behind the wheel, who told police that she was driving to Sheetz to pick up her purse she had left there, police said.

When they arrived at Sheetz, police found multiple Delaware licenses with the same photo but different names, according to the affidavit.

After being detained, Burr told police that she needed extra money to pay her taxes in New York and was contacted by a couple in Queens that would help her make some extra money if she purchased multiple iPhones using the fake documents, police said.

Burr told police that she would get a cut of the money for helping, according to the affidavit.

Along with the fake licenses and credit cards in Burr’s purse, police also found an Oregon driver’s license, a Delaware driver’s license, two social security cards with different names, multiple fraudulent credit card statements and the two iPhones, along with receipts, police said.

Burr is currently in Lancaster County Prison after failing to post $50,000 bail.

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