Hamilton Elementary path

Hamilton Elementary, at 1330 Wabank Road, is among the most crowded facilities in the School District of Lancaster, which is embarking on a redistricting study that could redraw attendance boundaries. The photo above, from October 2018, shows a new pathway that opened this fall between The Solomon Organization's Kensington Club residential apartment community and Hamilton Elementary.

Officials from School District of Lancaster, Kensington Club, Lancaster Township and the City of Lancaster recently celebrated the opening of a new walking path that will provide a safe, cost-effective way for students to get to and from school.

The pathway, which was part of a project to rehabilitate the nearby stormwater basin, connects the Kensington Club apartment complex to Hamilton Elementary School, 1300 Wabank Road.

“It's been a pleasure working with Lancaster Township, the School District of Lancaster and Hamilton Elementary School to make the community more convenient for residents, especially those who need to get to school,” Kensington Club manager Melissa Good said in a statement ahead of Thursday’s event.

“Lancaster's leadership was wise to invest in the public improvement project.”

Starting in 2019-20, the school district will likely save $70,000 in busing costs per year with the new path in place. About 71 Hamilton Elementary students — 16 percent of the student body — live in the apartment complex, according to SDL spokeswoman Kelly Burkholder.

The stormwater basin, originally built in 1973, had become overgrown and filled with sediment. A $200,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection; about $200,000 from the Solomon Organization, which owns Kensington Club; and funding from Lancaster Township helped cover the rehabilitation costs.

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