Manheim Township officials will consider a zoning request Monday to build an 8,500-square-foot Rutter’s convenience store on the site of the former Stauffers of Kissel Hill and Roseville Tavern properties.

The request seeks significant variances, including a store floor size more than double the maximum size under the township zoning ordinance.

The hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 2, at the Manheim Township Public Library, 595 Granite Run Drive.

It was initially scheduled for Nov. 6 at the township offices, but it was postponed and moved to the larger library location.

Before the first meeting, a flyer spread on the online neighborhood social network NextDoor listed reasons why residents should oppose the project, including concerns about safety, traffic congestion, truck noise, aesthetics and “the character of our community.”

Rutter’s remains mum outside of the development process with the township — a company spokeswoman declined to answer questions — but its application offers some insight.

The proposed store, at Oregon Pike (Route 272) and East Roseville Road, would house a new Rutter’s convenience store as well as two fueling canopies for noncommercial vehicles and larger diesel trucks on 5.35 acres.

The tract is in the B-2 business zoning district, which allows convenience stores.

Some of the variances would involve significant deviations from the maximum restrictions set by the township zoning ordinance.

For example, the store is requesting fueling canopies nearly 20 feet high, which is nearly twice the maximum set in the zoning ordinance.

Also, the 8,835-square-foot store Rutter’s is seeking is more than double the 4,000-square-foot maximum for convenience stores under the zoning ordinance.

The company is also requesting to have a quarter fewer parking spaces than required (64 spaces versus 88 required).

Another request for wider driveway widths raised concerns that the store would cater to trucks. More than 300 trucks pass by Oregon Pike daily, according to a state Department of Transportation traffic count included in the application.

Rutter’s cites several “hardships” necessitating the zoning variances. Among them: Rutter’s states it “did not create the high volume of traffic on Oregon Pike,” “did not create the zoning districts within the township” and “did not install the sidewalks that currently serve the adjacent parcels,” among others.