Rutter's VGTs

Rutter's debuted its first video gaming terminals in one of its convenience stores in York County last week.

Step aside, chocolate milk: Rutter’s showed off its newly operating video gaming terminals during Super Bowl LIV.

Rutter’s has made it tradition in recent years to advertise during the Super Bowl, this year airing a 30-second commercial broadcast before half-time to southcentral Pennsylvania viewers.

In this year’s commercial, a family makes their way through a Rutter’s store in New Cumberland with old-school video game music, sounds and graphics. At the end of the commercial a multi-player menu shows each player’s total strength, with player one in the far-left pane empty. A young girl in the second-player slot asks,  “Where’s grandma?”


Video then pans to the grandmother sitting at a video gaming terminal with a large blue slushy.

“We’re always trying to let our customers know what we have and what’s new,” said Chris Hartman, the director of fuels and forecourt at Rutter’s. “We’d figured it would be a good time to show the new and different products and services available at our stores.”

Lancaster County Sens. Scott Martin and Ryan Aument co-wrote legislation that allowed local municipalities in the county to opt-out of video gaming terminals within 60 days of the law’s passage, which Gov. Tom Wolf signed in July. Nearly every municipality in the county -- 56 municipalities of 60 -- passed resolutions to ban the terminals. 

Video gaming terminals opened in Pennsylvania starting in summer 2019, with restrictions to truck stops, after being approved as part of the 2017 gambling expansion signed by Wolf.

In its first few months,video gaming terminals brought in more than $1.2 million in tax revenue.

Hartman declined to comment on how much Rutter’s spent on the ad space.