The Red Rose Transit Authority will be free to ride starting Monday, March 23 until further notice, the authority announced.

Passengers will be required to enter the bus through the rear entrance but will not be charged fares, according to a post on the transit authority's website. No reason was given for the change.

For those using wheelchairs or other assistance, the front entrance kneeler will still be available upon request.

Last week, the authority provided rubber gloves to bus drivers in light of the ongoing public health crisis brought on by COVID-19.

Bus drivers were also allowed to wear face masks if chosen, authority executive director David Kilmer told LNP | LancasterOnline.

The announcement follows a proposal last week by the RRTA's parent organizational board, which proposed a fare structure change beginning July 1. The board proposed to eliminate fare zones and enact one base rate of $1.80 for each regular, non-discounted trip, among other proposed changes.

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