ATM skimming arrests

From left to right: Ionela Vaduva, Danusia Trifu, Marion Trifu, Petrica Velcu and Benone Lapadat

Five people are facing charges for using an ATM skimming device to clone debit or credit cards in York County.

The suspects, all Romanian nationals, were arrested as the result of a traffic stop Saturday in Maryland and were identified as:

Ionela Vaduva, 29, of Lanham, Maryland; Danusta Trifu, 48, of Lanham, Maryland; Petrica Velcu, 25, of Houston, Texas; Marion Trifu, 20, of Lanham, Maryland; and Benone Lapadat, 39, of Lanham, Maryland.

The arrests came after an investigation during which police determined that a skimming device had been placed on an ATM at an Etters convenience store.

In viewing video surveillance from the store, authorities observed two women involved in placing and retrieving the skimming device at the ATM on Jan. 22, 25 and 26, according to Fox 43.

Police also obtained surveillance footage from businesses where cloned cards were used.

During the traffic stop Saturday in Carroll County, Lapadat and Velcu were arrested for possessing credit card skimming devices, Fox 43 reported.

Through an investigation, police identified Marion Trifu and determined that he, Lapada and Velcu had been using cards cloned from the Etters store, officials said.

On Tuesday, Vadua and Danusia Trifu visited Lapadat and Velcu at the Carroll County Prison and were subsequently identified as the women who placed and removed the skimming device at the York County store.

About two dozen cases of compromised credit cards have been reported to York County authorities in recent weeks. One family had about $1,600 stolen from their bank account.

The accused are facing various charges that include theft, receiving stolen property, access device fraud, conspiracy, unlawful device making and unlawful duplication, according to court papers.