LanCo GOP Endorsement Convention

The Republican Committee of Lancaster County held its endorsement convention in February 2019 at the Farm & Home Center in Lancaster.

A resolution to bar elected officials, their staff and families from being members of the Republican Committee of Lancaster County failed to pass Wednesday night.

Chairman Kirk Radanovic said the Rules and Resolutions Committee determined the resolution had not been submitted properly.

The resolution, introduced by Lancaster Township Republican Committee Treasurer Terry Christopher, was aimed at ensuring that people who have a financial interest in the outcome of the endorsement process are not the ones deciding who the party endorses.

"I feel as though this is an important conversation to have so my only option was to propose an amendment to our bylaws," Christopher said. "Many of our elected county officials taught the importance of transparency and I think that should apply broadly."

Radanovic said during a reorganization meeting held virtually Wednesday night that because the resolution sought to amend the bylaws, it needed to first be submitted to the Rules and Resolutions Committee for evaluation before going to the full committee for a two-thirds majority vote, or go through an expedited process with a three-quarters majority vote.

Christopher said he would resubmit the resolution to the Rules and Resolutions Committee.

The county’s Republican party recruits and reviews potential candidates for office and then provides financial and campaign volunteer staff to those who are endorsed.