The tropical kingbird perches near Pequea on Thursday.

A tropical kingbird hanging out near the boat launch in Pequea is sending birdwatchers flocking to Lancaster County from eastern states.

The birding stir was touched off when birdwatcher Bob Schutsky of Peach Bottom caught sight of what he initially identified as a western kingbird on Wednesday.

The rare sighting turned into an overnight sensation when the bright yellow bird’s calls were recorded and it was confirmed to be a tropical kingbird.

Only one other tropical kingbird has ever been positively identified in Pennsylvania and that was on June 20, 2013 in Philadelphia.

The tropical kingbird’s normal range is Arizona and northern Mexico.

Since the discovery, about two dozen birders or more at a time can be seen photographing and recording the bird’s every move.

At 9:45 a.m. Saturday, it was spotted chasing insects and landing on power lines near 290 Riverview Road, Peach Bottom.

Lancaster County birdwatcher Tom Amico got this video of the rare visitor.

Those traveling to Pequea to add the bird to their life lists have been parking at the boat launch at the south end of Peach Bottom Road.

Walk downriver to the gravel road that parallels the railroad tracks. An orange traffic cone with a white flag on top has been placed along the edge of the gravel road, next to one of the bird’s favorite perch trees along the edge of the Susquehanna River. Do not block the gravel road.

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