One company’s efforts to get paid for work on the Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline that runs through Lancaster County have led to a settlement, and now another company is starting down the same path.

Chris Stockton, spokesman for Atlantic Sunrise owner Williams Partners, said in an email this week that Michigan-based MacAllister Machinery Co. Inc. has settled with the bond surety Federal Insurance Company.

MacAllister was behind letters sent last month to Lancaster County residents who own land the pipeline crosses. The letters issued notice of intent to file liens if MacAllister didn’t receive timely payment of about $1.02 million it asserted was owed by Welded Construction LP, the main contractor on both the Atlantic Sunrise and Sunoco Mariner East pipelines.

Joseph R. Spoonster is an attorney at the Ohio firm of Harpst Ross & Becker Co. LLC, which sent the letters on behalf of MacAllister.

He said this week that the firm has sent similar letters to Lancaster County landowners on behalf of Ohio Machinery Company, which is seeking about $4.5 million from Welded Construction LP.

A similar situation played out in Berks County late last year, with letters threatening liens from a Minnesota company that said Welded hadn’t paid it for work on the Mariner East Pipeline.

Sunoco, which owns that pipeline, said shortly afterward that the situation had been resolved.

‘Many, many calls’

The Atlantic Sunrise pipeline crosses 250 properties across 37 miles in the western part of the county.

Spoonster, whose contact information was on the letters, said he “fielded many, many calls” about last month’s letters. He said he understands that many of the property owners didn’t want the pipeline to begin with and are now concerned about how they might be impacted if liens were filed.

Liens would be meant to go against the right of way or easements granted to the pipeline company to install the pipeline, he said, and the notices are meant to encourage payment by Welded or the pipeline.

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Welded declared bankruptcy in October after the owners of both pipelines refused to pay it.

Williams Partners claimed Welded breached its contract on the Atlantic Sunrise, and Sunoco charges that Welded failed to comply with environmental regulations on Mariner East.

‘No value’

Stockton wrote that Williams still does not believe “that subcontractors have any right or legal ability to lien these properties” and sees no value “in any subcontractor threatening property owners with the filing of liens.”

He noted that Williams required Welded to procure a roughly $450 million bond before the project started to make sure that subcontractors and suppliers were protected, and wrote that many claims have been successfully reconciled through that bond surety.

Any laborers and service providers needing help with the process of filing claims to the bond surety are invited to email at, he wrote.

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