When the English Fall

"When the English Fall," left, and author David Williams

A new novel aims to portray how the Amish would fare if mainstream civilization collapsed.

In "When the English Fall," a solar storm cripples modern technology. Growing increasingly desperate and violent as conditions deteriorate, the "English" begin to encroach on Amish communities.

The book's protagonist is an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania named Jacob. The story is told through his journal entries as he tries to protect his family from the intruders.

"The unique spin draws readers into an alarmingly plausible story of contemporary civilization's demise," Publishers Weekly says in a short review.

The novel, officially released today, is the first for author David Williams, a Presbyterian pastor who lives in Annandale, Virginia.

Post-apocalyptic Amish fiction is a rare genre, but not unheard-of. A Texas author named Michael Bunker has written several examples, including "The Last Pilgrims," set in central Texas after civilization's collapse, and "Pennsylvania," which follows an Amishman recruited to colonize a new planet.

As portrayed in the online publication Ozy, Bunker practices a "near-Amish lifestyle" with his family on a 40-acre farm in Texas without running water or electricity, inspiring several other families to move to the area and create an off-grid "Plain Christian" community.

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