Police are looking for a pair of suspects linked to the stabbing of a 44-year-old Lancaster County man shortly after 4 p.m. Wednesday near the border of Paradise and Strasburg townships.

The victim was listed as a male resident of Paradise who suffered stab wounds in "the neck and side area," according to a release from Pennsylvania State Police.

The victim was transported to Lancaster General Hospital by Gondonville Ambulance, police said, but no information on his medical condition was available.

Trooper Gerard N. Sauers filed the incident as an aggravated assault. Police are looking for two white males, ages 20 to 30, traveling in a red sedan with Texas registration.

The victim and the males got into a dispute at Route 41 and Bridge Street in Gap, "and the dispute continued for several miles, ending near" the vicinity of Route 741 and Paradise Lane, according to the release. "The victim and the two white males entered into a physical altercation."

A dispatcher said the incident was related to a road-rage incident in the township.

Early reports seemed conflicted, with police seeking either a white Ford pickup truck, a red sedan or a minivan in connection with the attack. One report said one vehicle in question had Texas plates.

Late Wednesday afternoon near the scene of the stabbing, State Police observed as a white Ford pickup truck was loaded onto a tow truck. The truck had a Pennsylvania license plate.

According to another report, the suspects in the vehicle included a white male driver with a crew cut and a white male passenger. The passenger apparently wielded the knife against the unidentified victim.

Road construction in the area is slowing traffic and may have led to an altercation between drivers.

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