Saul Contreras-Albaladejo

Saul Contreras-Albaladejo. Lancaster County Prison could not located a picture of his co-defendant, Michael Angelo Seda-Lebron.

Two Philadelphia men were found carrying hundreds of containers of suspected drugs on an East Lampeter Township road early Friday morning, according to state police.

Saul Contreras-Albaladejo, 39, and Michael Angelo Seda-Lebron, 22, were arrested during a traffic stop around 12:30 a.m. on Lincoln Highway East, east of South Willowdale Drive, according to an affidavit of probable cause. A 5-year-old child was inside the car during the incident.

Troopers first spotted the men traveling eastbound along Lincoln Highway East in a Chevrolet station wagon with temporary Texas license plates. The men were driving suspiciously, police said, braking excessively when they saw officers and failing to immediately pull over.

Police said the men’s failure to immediately pull over may have been in an effort to buy time to conceal contents inside the vehicle.

Contreras-Albaladejo acted suspiciously while speaking with troopers, telling them he had been in Lancaster for 30 minutes to pick up Seda-Lebron and return him to Philadelphia, but then later saying he had been in the area for several months. Contreras-Albaladejo also claimed Seda-Lebron was his brother-in-law and that he had known him for about a year.

Speaking through a translator, Seda-Lebron denied being related to Contreras-Albaladejo, saying the two had met at a basketball game several months ago.

Troopers spotted Contreras-Albaladejo attempting to destroy several plastic vials, some of which contained a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine, in the nearby grass as he was preparing to undergo a field sobriety test. Several additional vials and bags with powdery residue and “a bulk amount” of cash were found inside his pockets, according to the affidavit.

An unknown powdery substance was also found in Contreras-Albaladejo’s nose, appearing to have been snorted or inhaled, police said.

A search of the vehicle uncovered more than 250 baggies and 110 vials of white powder or chunks as well as syringes, jars and bags containing other suspected illegal substances, according to the affidavit. Digital scales, an owe sheet and other drug paraphernalia were also found.

Several luggage bags inside the car belonged to Seda-Lebron, he told police. The affidavit did not make clear if any of the substances were found inside the luggage. Seda-Lebron claimed he was unaware if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle.

Contreras-Albaladejo and Seda-Lebron were each charged with endangering the welfare of children as well as three felony and four misdemeanor drug charges. Contreras-Albaladejo was also charged with driving under the influence, tampering with evidence and two summary traffic violations.

Neither had an attorney listed in court documents.

Both men were confined to Lancaster County Prison on Saturday after failing to post $75,000 bonds. They will each face preliminary hearings before Judge Denise Commins at 1:30 p.m. on Dec. 1, court records show.

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