A man believed to be Norman "Trey" Garrison crouches near a table set up at Art Park in downtown Lancaster during a nighttime protest following the police shooting of Ricardo Munoz. The video was streamed live on Facebook.

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Who's behind Lancaster Patriot? An alt-right podcaster from Texas, investigation shows

Norman Asa Garrison III once joked about the Holocaust, saying “nothing is better than throwing some Hebrews on the fire.”

He scoffed at films starring Black actors in lead roles, describing the actors as “ridiculous coal-skinned, bootlips blue gums.”

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Plain sect farmers change thinking

There was a time when Lancaster County’s Plain sect farmers would never even think about using government money. Programs to help pay for conservation practices, for example, have been around for a long time but are only recently being embraced. “Twenty years ago, when I started working with farmers, I wouldn’t even mention cost-share programs to an Amish farmer. I knew what the answer would be,” said Jeremy Weaver, a project manager for TeamAg Inc. in Ephrata. The answer has changed.

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Top takeaways from Friday's Week 2 games: 3 L-L League football facts for Sept. 26

From the first day of heat acclimatization practice on Aug. 31, until the last Lancaster-Lebanon League football team is standing later this fall, we’ll bring you three fun L-L League pigskin facts on a daily basis to keep you updated about what’s going on around the league.

Here are three top takeaways from Friday’s Week 2 games.

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Pence to hold debate watch party in Lititz next week

Vice President Mike Pence will return to Lancaster County next week, as President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, debate for the first time. 

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Which Lancaster County municipalities are holding trick-or-treating for Halloween 2020?

Lancaster County municipalities are largely giving residents the choice to take their child trick-or-treating this year, even amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has changed many facets of 2020.

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