Pennsylvania's liquor laws can be messy. 

Did you know that some townships in Lancaster County are considered "dry"? In order to be a dry municipality, the "sale of wine, spirits and/or malt and brewed beverages" must be prohibited, according to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

The line is not so clear, however -- most townships have exceptions to this rule. It reads more like a gradient than a cut-and-dried indicator of alcohol sales. Some retailers may be granted special permissions or exceptions.

This rule dates back to the Prohibition era. It's up to the township or municipality to decide whether to make their area wet or dry. The matter can be voted on only once every four years. 

Here's the list of dry, or, at least partially dry, municipalities in Lancaster County, as well as the year it was voted dry:

East Drumore is the only township in Lancaster County to also largely prohibit wholesale malt beverage distributors and state stores. These decisions were made in 2005.

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