The firefighter statue in front of Lancaster's Fire Station No. 3 will move to Clipper Magazine Stadium.

The new location will be outdoors, highly visible and readily accessible to the public. It is lit at night, and the area is monitored by security cameras.

"I think it's a very good spot," its sculptor, George Mummert, said.

Retired firefighter Clyde Snyder and Mummert had been scouting for new locations after learning the Bureau of Fire planned to move the statue into an indoor lobby when Station No. 3 is replaced.

The statue, along with a historic fire bell and a plaque, form a memorial to fallen firefighters. But the new station will be much larger, so there won't be room in front of it for the display.

Snyder spearheaded the memorial a little over a decade ago, raising the money and posing for Mummert's artwork. He and Mummert said the statue wouldn't be sufficiently visible or accessible to the public if it were placed inside.

Fire Chief Scott Little and firefighters union president Kevin Ressler said they have no objection to moving it. The bell, along with an updated plaque, will still go in the new lobby, as part of a planned display depicting bureau history.

Mike Logan, Lancaster Barnstormers vice president of operations, said he reached out after seeing Snyder's posts online.

The stadium has a longstanding history with the fire department, he said; among other things, it hosts the annual 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb.

Welcoming the sculpture "just seemed like a good fit," he said.

It and a plaque will be installed near the stadium entrance, on the right side of the walkway.

The stadium property is owned by the Lancaster County Redevelopment Authority.

"I'm glad we're going to be able to help out," executive director Matthew Sternberg said.

On Monday, the Lancaster city Public Art Advisory Board signed off on the move. A date has not been set. That and other details will be worked out in coming days by the parties involved.

"It should be pretty simple," Sternberg said.