The groundhogs have — in not so many words — spoken.

More winter or spring around the corner?

Choose which furry forecaster you want to believe.

The two Lancaster County groundhogs are split. Mount Joy Minnie saw her shadow this morning, furthering winter, but Octorara Orphie did not, promising spring.

Maybe the top groundhog's forecast should carry the most weight.

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow at the official Groundhog Day ceremony this morning in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. 

Legend has it that if the furry forecaster casts a shadow on Feb. 2, expect six more weeks of wintry weather. If he doesn't, spring-like weather is ushered in.

So, take your pick: Punxsutawney and Minnie's shadowed look at more cold and snow or Orphie's prediction of spring just around the corner.

About 50 onlookers gathered at the Rotary Clock in Mount Joy this morning. Attendees wore unusual hats for the silly hat contest, hosted by the Mount Joy Chamber.

After calling for six more weeks of winter, Minnie swapped her hat for a Philadelphia Eagles' helmet, predicting a Super Bowl victory Sunday, according to Kerry Meyers, chamber coordinator.

Mount Joy Minne 2.JPG

The winners of the silly hat contest and Mount Joy Minnie.

Octorara Orphie's prediction was revealed at the Slumbering Groundhog Lodge in Quarryville.

The group has its own, extensive tradition for Groundhog Day. 

Hibernating governor Richard Rankin shared the news of an early spring from what is called the "pinnacle of prognostication" — a manure spreader. 

When Rankin was informed of Phil's opposing prediction of more wintry weather, he said, "Fake news."

Thousands gathered to watch the ceremony hosted by the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club Inner Circle at Gobbler's Knob this morning.