Buses for Hempfield School District are line up at Student Transportation of America 3871 Harrisburg Pike in West Hempfield Township Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020.

More than 580 cases of COVID-19 have been reported at Lancaster County schools so far into the 2020-21 school year.

The cases come from 16 school districts, plus a brick-and-mortar charter school in Lancaster city and the county's career and technology center.

And that might not be all.

With the Pennsylvania Department of Health not tracking COVID-19 cases in schools, it's up to each district to notify the community of a positive test from someone inside its schools.

Reporting methods differ wildly from district to district.

Some schools have posted a letter online after discovering each positive test.

Conestoga Valley, Elizabethtown Area, Hempfield, Manheim Township, Manheim Central, Penn Manor and School District of Lancaster each recently added a "COVID-19 dashboard" showing the number of cases at each of its schools, but even they have their limitations. Manheim Central's dashboard, for example, only shows "active" cases, and Hempfield only updates its dashboard every two weeks with a total case count and a range for each school.

Some districts have published little to nothing online.

With each case comes contact tracing, cleaning and sanitizing buildings and, in some cases, school closures.

Below is a list of known school districts and individual schools that have reported at least one case of COVID-19.

Notes: These are cumulative cases; many are no longer active.

Last updated Nov. 30.

List follows graphics. 

TOTAL: 581. 

Cocalico: 31 — 14 at Cocalico High School (one new), eight at Reamstown Elementary School (one new), five at Cocalico Middle School, four at Denver Elementary School and one at Adamstown Elementary School.

Columbia Borough: Two.

Conestoga Valley: 67 — 32 at Conestoga Valley High School (three new), 11 at Fritz Elementary School (one new), 10 at Leola Elementary School (three new), seven at Huesken Middle School (two new), four at Brownstown Elementary School and three at Smoketown Elementary School. One has been reported at the district's support buildings (new)

Donegal: 27 — nine at Donegal Intermediate School (one new), eight at Donegal High School, seven at Donegal Junior High School (three new) and three at Donegal Primary School.

Eastern Lancaster County: 17 between Blue Ball Elementary School, Brecknock Elementary School, Garden Spot High School and Garden Spot Middle School. 

Elizabethtown Area: 45 — 18 at Elizabethtown Area High School (five new), 13 at Elizabethtown Area Middle School (one new), six at Bear Creek School, four at East High Street Elementary School (one new), three at Rheems Elementary School (one new) and one at Mill Rhoad Elementary School.

Ephrata Area: 31.

Hempfield: 38 (one new) — 16 to 20 at Hempfield High School, and one to five each at Centerville Elementary School, Centerville Middle School, East Petersburg Elementary School, Farmdale Elementary School, Landisville Intermediate Center, Landisville Middle School, Landisville Primary Center, Mountville Elementary School and Rohrerstown Elementary School.

La Academia Partnership Charter School: One.

Lampeter-Strasburg: 15 — eight at Lampeter-Strasburg High School (two new), six at Martin Meylin Middle School (three new) and one at Lampeter Elementary School.

Lancaster County Career & Technology Center: Five. 

Manheim Central: 19 — six each at Manheim Central High School and Manheim Central Middle School, five at Doe Run Elementary School and two at Baron Elementary School.

Manheim Township: 80 — 34 at Manheim Township High School (four new), 14 at Manheim Township Middle School, eight at Landis Run Intermediate School (one new), seven at Reidenbaugh Elementary School, three at Schaeffer Elementary School (two new), two at Nitrauer Elementary School and one at Neff Elementary School (new). Nine have been reported among remote learners (one new), and two have been reported among nonteaching staff.

Penn Manor: 56 — 27 at Penn Manor High School (two new); seven at Central Manor Elementary School (one new); eight at Hambright Elementary School (four new); three each at Eshleman Elementary School, Letort Elementary School (one new) and Martic Elementary School (one new); two each at Conestoga Elementary School and Manor Middle School; and one at Marticville Middle School.

Pequea Valley: 18 — five each at Pequea Valley High School (one new) and Pequea Valley Intermediate School, three at Salisbury Elementary School and two at Paradise Elementary School. Two additional cases were reported within the district, but no school was identified. Another case was identified as someone attending Pequea Valley High School and Pequea Valley Intermediate School. 

School District of Lancaster: 49 — Seven at J.P. McCaskey High School (six new); four each at Carter & MacRae Elementary School (two new) and Wickersham Elementary School (two new); three each at Buchanan Elementary School, Burrowes Elementary School, Fulton Elementary School, Lincoln Middle School (one new), McCaskey East High School, Price Elementary School (two new), Washington Elementary School (two new) and Wharton Elementary School; two at Wheatland Middle School; and one each at King Elementary School and Phoenix Academy. Three cases have been reported at the Carter & MacRae administrative offices (one new), two have been reported at Cyber Pathways @ Rockland (two new), and one has been reported in the McCaskey East information technology department.

Solanco: 17 — seven at Bart-Colerain Elementary School (one new), four at Clermont Elementary School (two new), three at Solanco High School (two new), two at Providence Elementary School (one new) and one at Quarryville Elementary School. 

Warwick: 63 — 32 at Warwick High School (six new), nine at Warwick Middle School; six each at John Beck Elementary School (one new), John R. Bonfield Elementary School and Kissel Hill Elementary School (three new); and four each at John R. Bonfield Elementary School and Lititz Elementary School (two new). One additional case was reported within the district, but no school was identified.