Nine contestants will stand onstage Saturday night, nervously awaiting the judges' decision in the 61st edition of the Miss Solanco Scholarship Pageant.

Taking place at 7 p.m. at Solanco High School, the pageant will feature an appearance by the 2015 Miss Pennsylvania, Ashley Schmider.

Organized by the Quarryville Teenage Club, Miss Solanco is a steppingstone to the Miss America Pageant. And this year's theme, "Here She Is — Miss Solanco," has a Miss America aura, according to pageant official Scott Peiffer.

"In the past year, our reigning Miss Solanco, Madison "Maddie" Lasko; our first runner-up, Donna Montgomery; and the 2011 winner, Marla Peiffer, competed at the next level," Scott Peiffer said.

All were in the Miss Pennsylvania Pageant, after Lasko was crowned Miss Greater Delaware Valley, Montgomery won the Miss Montgomery County title, and Marla Peiffer captured the Miss York crown.

Miss America Pageant rules do not allow Lasko to hold two titles at once, according to Solanco pageant director Ashley Boos. So Lasko relinquished her Miss Solanco title to be known as Miss Greater Delaware Valley but continues her duties as Miss Solanco.

Lasko will crown this year's Miss Solanco.

The local pageant is "one of the last ones in the state and the only one in Lancaster county," Scott Peiffer said.

Little princesses will accompany the contestants, as they have done for the last three years. "We feel that, not only does this idea create a role model relationship, but it also helps to perpetuate interest in the event," Scott Peiffer said.

Lasko's princess escorts will be Lily Gavin and Danielle Tomison.

Prior to the judges' proclamation of the winner, the contestants will showcase their swimsuits and evening gowns, perform their talent and present their platform subject in an onstage interview.

Miss Solanco will receive an $1,800 scholarship;, first runner-up, $900; second runner-up, $700. Miss Congeniality, selected by the contestants, will receive a trophy.

To be eligible for the pageant, contestants must reside in the Solanco School District. The winner participates in events such as the Solanco Relay for Life and the Solanco Fair celebrity milking contest and parade, and also serves as a Salvation Army bell ringer.

"We are planning for a wonderful evening as we continue the Miss Solanco tradition. Every one of our contestants is a winner, and would make a phenomenal representative," Boos said.


Here are the Miss Solanco Scholarship Pageant contestants, with their parents' names, talent, platform and princess escort:

_ Alexandra Bowers: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bowers, jazz dance, “Importance of Proper Elder Care,” Alyssa Flahart.

_ Brianna Lane: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lane Jr., lyrical dance, “Find Your Something,” Alex and Jasmine Gutierrez.

_ Megan Mary Mecouch: Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mecouch, vocal, “Recycling,” Faith Booth.

_ Chelsea Ressler: Mr. and Mrs. Cary Ressler, gymnastics, “Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome,” Alexis Shaubach and Rhiannon Weaver.

_ Brianna Rosario: Mr. and Mrs. Arcadio Rosario Jr., jazz/salsa dance, “ Hunger in America,” Lina Dominguez.

_ Kayla Schneider: Mr. and Mrs. Joel Schneider, violin, “Awareness and Empowerment of Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse,” Paige Linnenbaugh.

_ Tiffany Shrom: Mr. and Mrs. Tim Shrom, contemporary dance, “Breast Cancer Awareness,” Zoey Evans.

_ Emilie Stocker: Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stocker, vocal, “Sponsor a Child,” Jayden Appler.

_ Emily Zook: Mr. and Mrs. Doug Zook, cello, “Importance of Music Therapy,” Jona Linnenbaugh.