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Millersville University will up its efforts to combat sexual assault thanks to a state grant Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf's administration announced this week.

The $29,995 grant will bring a “large scale” sexual assault awareness event to Millersville’s campus in addition to trauma-informed yoga sessions, enhanced training and education about reporting and support services, and a campus sexual misconduct climate assessment, university spokeswoman Janet Kacskos said.

The support is part of the latest round of grants from the state’s “Its On Us PA” initiative, which has invested nearly $4 million in four years to prevent sexual assault across college campuses. This year, 36 colleges and universities received $1 million in grants.

Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera, Millersville Title IX Coordinator Elizabeth Swantek and others were on hand for Thursday’s announcement in Harrisburg.

“The grant gives us the opportunity to continue to implement strategies and take the pledge that is on all of us to listen, support and report concerns of sexual misconduct in order to create an environment in which sexual misconduct is unacceptable,” Swantek said.

Title IX is the federal law forbidding discrimination on the basis of sex.

Millersville has received nearly $120,000 on “It’s On Us” grants since 2016.

With those funds, the institution hosted an on-campus summit for students in kindergarten through 12th grade, launched its own “It’s On Us” campaign, funded a YWCA advocate on campus, and increased training and education related to reporting sexual assault and dating violence, among other initiatives, Kacskos said.

The U.S. Department of Education shows no active Title IX investigations at Millersville.

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