Marietta aerial

This aerial photo shots part of the Borough of Marietta with East Donegal Township in the background.

When: Marietta Borough Council meeting, Nov. 10.

What happened: Borough Council proposed a balanced budget for 2021 that does not increase the tax rate. The total tax millage will remain at 6.90 mills — 6.15 mills for the borough’s general funds, and 0.75 mills for the fire police.

Sewer rate: The sewer service fee will increase by $2 after the first quarter in 2021, after which the sewer authority will review the fee and determine if it is still necessary.

Future planning: Council Member Bill Dalzell discussed the goals for the borough outlined in Marietta’s five-year plan. He emphasized the plan is not required of the borough, but it lays out general aspirations for potential projects.

Key takeaways: Parks and recreation, flood mitigation and public outreach are at the top of the list, Dalzell said. Former Mayor Ray Vegso said he would like to see plans for a larger event amphitheater, as well as replacing the tennis courts at War Memorial Park with multi-recreational courts. President Glen Mazis agreed and said that the park has a lot of potential for a master plan.