Andrew and Lisa Makrides were arrested Oct. 30 for hosting underage drinking parties at their Manheim Township home. 

Two Manheim Township parents were arrested after they allowed their teenage children to host several parties that involved underage drinking and drug use over the past year, according to criminal complaints filed by Manheim Township police.

Police were called to the home of Andrew A. Makrides, 48, and Lisa D. Makrides, 52, at least 20 times in recent months due to suspected underage drinking and noise complaints, according to the court documents.

Andrew and Lisa Makrides, police said, showed “complete indifference to the welfare” of children by allowing the parties at their home during the pandemic, and even attempted to hide evidence of underage drinking and partying on multiple occasions when police arrived.

Police charged the two parents – who, according to social media and web searches, are licensed anesthesiologists – with one felony count of endangering the welfare of children, as well as corruption of minors and furnishing alcohol to minors.

Both were arrested without incident at their residence on Oct. 30.

During the time the Makrides’ allegedly hosted these parties, the coronavirus pandemic’s grip on the county got stronger, as cases rose and some schools were forced to close. Manheim Township secondary schools were closed Monday and today, due to an increase in probable and confirmed cases. The district is dialing back in-person instruction to two days a week when students in grades seven through 12 return Wednesday.

The criminal complaints did not specify which districts or schools the juveniles who reportedly attended parties at the Makrides’ were from.

Manheim Township School District spokeswoman Marcie Brody said the district has not tracked any cases among students or staff to the gatherings. 

According to the criminal complaints, the Makrides hosted a number of parties with underage drinking and drug use dating back to November 2019.

At a Halloween party at the home in November 2019, about 50 minors were in the basement with a bar, and others were outside smoking marijuana, police said. Several of them threw up in the kitchen bathroom, police said. A girl also fell off a basement step, but the music was so loud that the parents couldn’t hear, police said.

Police later arrived at the home, and Andrew Makrides allegedly said a few of the kids were simply over for a sleepover and none of them were drinking alcohol. His daughter, meanwhile, told the partygoers to be quiet and hide, police said, and the party continued after police left.

After a party in August, police arrested four juveniles who said they were smoking marijuana in an open, outdoor patio area at the home. Two of the Makrides’ children, a 14-year-old and 15-year-old, were with them. Others were drinking alcohol.

In January, a group of minors were smoking marijuana in the driveway. When police were called, Andrew Makrides denied anyone was smoking and closed the garage door, police said.

In May, an underage female left a party at the home, got into a car crash and was charged with driving under the influence, police said.

In September, the Makrides’ juvenile children got in a car crash while they had drugs in the car, police said. They then stuffed the drugs into a lunchbox and threw it out the window into some weeds, police said. When Andrew Makrides arrived to pick up his kids, he did not cooperate with an officer, police said.

Court records show the Makrides had a preliminary hearing scheduled Monday. Both were placed on $25,000 unsecured bail.