William Vollmar

William Vollmar

A man is suing the private medical practice of Lancaster County Coroner Dr. Stephen Diamantoni and Lancaster General Health, alleging they were negligent while employing Dr. William Vollmar.

The man, identified in the court filing only as John Doe #1, lives outside of Pennsylvania. He filed his suit Wednesday in Lancaster County Court, alleging he was "groomed" by Vollmar starting at age 15, when he was a student at Conestoga Valley High School and Vollmar worked in the school's athletic training room.

He alleges that "inappropriate touching" continued through 2017, as he continued to be a patient at Diamantoni and Associates' practice.

The suit says Diamantoni "knew or should have known that Vollmar was engaging in inappropriate contact with patients but failed to take any meaningful action to prevent it."

The suit also alleges a patient at Lancaster General Hospital complained that Vollmar had inappropriately touched her in 2009, and that the hospital did not report the complaint to the State Board of Medicine or to Diamantoni.

Vollmar, 55, was charged April 10 with indecent assault of a patient at the Quarryville branch of Diamantoni's practice. The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office took over the case last week and has asked for anyone with information on Vollmar to call 717-299-7650.

Diamantoni said he had not been served or seen the suit yet, but he cannot comment on pending litigation.

Lancaster General Health did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the suit.


The man, who is in his early 40s, reported his experience with Vollmar to police after charges against the doctor were publicized, according to his attorney Benjamin Andreozzi of Andreozzi & Associates in Harrisburg. 

Andreozzi said the man was "emboldened" to come forward.

"In an ideal world, we would wait until the criminal case is over to file (a civil suit)," Andreozzi said.

But the statute of limitations soon expires for filing civil action on a summer 2017 incident the man alleges in the suit, Andreozzi said. The statute of limitations on negligence civil suits in Pennsylvania is two years.

"We had no choice but to file when we did," he said.

Asked if he had documentation on the alleged complaint made against Vollmar at LGH, Andreozzi said he got a call from the woman who said she made it.

Medical work

In a statement issued to LNP last week, Lancaster General Health said it was "not aware of any improper behavior by Dr. Vollmar during his tenure."

Vollmar graduated from the Lancaster General Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program in June 1992. He began working as the coordinator and later medical director of a sports medicine clinic at LG Health's Walter L. Aumeht Family Health Center in Quarryville, according to LGH spokeswoman Mary Ann Eckard.

Vollmar was a part-time LG Health employee in sports medicine positions through 2008, and then continued as an independent member of their medical and dental staff before submitting his resignation after the recent criminal charge, Eckard said.

Vollmar worked as a school physician at Lampeter-Strasburg, Conestoga Valley and Pequea Valley school districts but is no longer contracted by the schools. He also resigned from Middletown Area School District in Dauphin County.