One person was shot Wednesday morning in a Lititz-area parking lot after an apparent road-rage incident between two male drivers.

Investigators said two men in separate cars were driving on Newport Road before pulling off into the parking lot of Family Cupboard Restaurant & Buffet, at 12 W. Newport Road.

A 29-year-old man was shot there in the jaw, according to Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman.

As of Thursday morning, no charges had been filed. The victim hasn't been able to speak with police.

The man who was shot was taken to Lancaster General Hospital. En route to the hospital, the ambulance collided with an SUV in Lancaster city.

The victim underwent surgery and was in stable condition Wednesday afternoon, officials said.

Two children were in the victim's vehicle, according to a witness and police.

The alleged shooter, who police said is age 74, is cooperating with police and was interviewed after the incident, according to officials.

Authorities said they are withholding the names of both men at this time.

What specifically started the dispute isn't clear.

"Whereas we can all understand frustrating things can happen on the road," Stedman said, "this is a reminder that very little good comes from personally confronting other drivers.

"Instead, people can and should contact the police rather than personally confront."

The shooter had a license to carry the firearm, police said.

It was the first of two shootings Wednesday in Lancaster County. A 2-year-old boy was shot in Lancaster city during an apparent domestic dispute.

The shooting took diners by surprise. Thelma McCoy, 75, of Warwick Township, was eating in the restaurant at a monthly gathering with 13 of her cousins. None of them saw or heard anything during the shooting.

"It is sad something like this happened in Lititz," McCoy said. She had to wait to leave because police had put police tape on her vehicle to keep people from wandering into the scene.

Bob Prince, 55, of Penryn, and other senior men’s group members from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Penryn were also eating in the restaurant when the shooting happened.

They didn’t know an incident had taken place until they saw police vehicles entering the parking lot.

En route to the hospital, the Warwick Community Ambulance collided with a sport-utility vehicle at Duke and Clay streets, a block from Lancaster General Hospital, at 9:38 a.m. The 32-year-old SUV driver was hospitalized with minor injuries; the ambulance continued to the hospital and delivered the patient, investigators reported.

The ambulance had its lights and sirens activated when it proceeded through a red light on Duke Street, police said. The ambulance sustained minor damage. The SUV had heavy front-end damage and was towed.

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