Ephrata police

Ephrata Police Department car

There will be no charges in the suspected luring attempt that happened Wednesday in Ephrata, after police say the incident was a misunderstanding. 

"The investigation revealed that the incident was actually a misperception of a Bluetooth phone conversation," Ephrata police said in a release. 

Mom: Man tried to lure Ephrata girls into pickup truck after school Wednesday

Two school-age students reported on Wednesday that a driver of a truck asked them to accompany him for food, police said. 

After the investigation, police said that the driver of the truck was actually speaking with a friend via wireless Bluetooth technology with his window down. The conversation was about picking up his friend and eating dinner together, according to police. 

Police said that they were able to obtain electronic confirmation of the conversation and corroborated it with the friend he was talking to. 

No charges were filed and the public is not at risk, police said. 

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