LanCo Republican Election Night Party

New Lancaster County Prothonotary Andrew Spade, speaks to the crowd during the Republican party of Lancaster County election night party at the Eden Resort and Suites Tuesday November 5, 2019.

The Lancaster County Prothonotary’s office will remain occupied by a Republican.

Andrew Spade, a 47-year-old attorney from Lititz, defeated Democrat Dan Phillips, a 27-year-old business-intelligence developer from Elizabethtown in Tuesday’s municipal election.

The Republicans, at an election party called the race in Spade's favor before 11 p.m.

For election night results, click here. 

The results are:

Spade - 51,380

Phillips - 34,116

Spade will succeed Republican Katherine Wood-Jacobs as Lancaster County’s top civil court records administrator. Wood-Jacobs served two terms and did not seek re-election.

The prothonotary is responsible for the recording and filing of legal papers for the civil side of the court system. These legal papers and documents include topics such as custody, divorce, mortgage foreclosures, tax liens and other issues.

The position is a four-year term and is paid an annual salary of $86,527.