More than 10 months after 18-year-old Linda Stoltzfoos went missing while walking home from a church service in Upper Leacock Township, her family has laid her recently recovered remains to rest.

Sixty-nine horse-drawn buggies and a handful of vans and SUVs brought more than 100 people together Monday afternoon at the Myers Cemetery burial grounds on East Eby Road, not far from where the police say Stoltzfoos was kidnapped.

The weather was fair and birds sang as the buggies trotted along the road and into the cemetery, where loved ones paid their final respects.

Police blocked off the road so buggies could access the cemetery easily. The ceremony lasted less than an hour.

Police say Justo Smoker, now 35, of Providence Township, kidnapped and killed Stoltzfoos in June 2020. He was arrested three weeks after she disappeared. Investigators tried in vain to locate Stoltzfoos but finally uncovered her remains last week in a wooded area at Smoker’s former place of work in Gap.

After initially being charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment in August, Smoker is also charged with homicide. He is in Lancaster County Prison after being denied bail.

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