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Scott Martin comments during a podcast recording in the LNP Studio December 20, 2017.

The current legal battle between Manheim Township School District and the Manheim Township tax collector over who has the right to collect property taxes is just the situation one state senator is attempting to prevent from happening again.

State Sen. Scott Martin, of Martic Township, has introduced a bill that would allow governing bodies to use alternative means of collecting property taxes other than going through the local tax collector.

“My legislation is designed to help local governments move into the 21st century and utilize the most efficient and effective means of collecting property taxes in order to reduce costs to taxpayers,” Martin said in a statement.

Under his legislation — Senate Bill 1099 — Pennsylvania counties, municipalities and school districts could forgo the local tax collector and collect property taxes on their own.

School districts would no longer have to go through the “archaic” process of deputization, which is legal approval from a tax collector to collect their own property taxes.

“We have seen several unfortunate cases in which unnecessary layers of bureaucracy have created confusion and increased cost for taxpayers,” Martin said. “We need to empower local governing bodies to find ways to cut through the red tape and deliver services like tax collection without unnecessary costs or headaches for taxpayers.”

Manheim Township Superintendent Robin Felty in an email expressed her support for the bill, which was referred to the local government committee in the state Senate on April 11.

“Sen. Martin recognizes the significant cost savings when districts collect their own taxes,” she said.

The school board, she said, should soon pass a resolution supporting the bill.

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