Introducing “Legends of Lancaster,” an exclusive video series during which LancasterOnline will go in-depth into the lore and legends of Lancaster County. The mini-documentaries will touch on everything from intriguing history, to colorful myths, to various tall tales that have been passed down through generations.

In the first episode, videographer Tyler Huber takes a look at the elusive Albatwitch, Lancaster’s very own little Bigfoot.

Legend says this small, hairy creature would terrorize picnickers up at Chickies Rock in the 1800s by stealing their apples and pelting the cores back at them. Huber talked to researchers who have heard stories of sightings over the years and also talked with one man who encountered something very strange while driving off of Route 23 in 2002.

Albatwitch Day is Oct.13 in Columbia. Check out for more info.

Upcoming episodes will include stories of The Buzzard Gang, The New Texas Head in the Window and local ghost stories.

Do you have a local legend story you would like us to look into? Submit your ideas to Tyler Huber,