Welcome back to “Legends of Lancaster,” an exclusive video series during which LancasterOnline goes in-depth into the lore and legends of Lancaster County. These mini-documentaries touch on everything from intriguing history, to colorful myths, to various tall tales that have been passed down through generations.

In this year’s final episode of "Legends of Lancaster," videographer Tyler Huber explores the Belsnickel Christmas tradition. The Belsnickel is a historic Christmastime character originating in southern Germany, but brought here to Lancaster and surrounding counties. This foil to Kris Kringle is much more sinister. He is dressed in dirty, tattered furs, holds a switch in one hand and a sack of treats in the other. He visits homes on Christmas Eve, punishing the naughty children with a gentle strike from his switch and rewarding the good ones with treats from his sack. Huber goes in-depth into the history, lore, and details of the tradition in both rural and urban areas.

Do you have a local legend story you would like us to look into? Submit your ideas to Tyler Huber, thuber@lnpnews.com.

'Legends of Lancaster': Exploring the myths and ghost stories of Lancaster County

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