Welcome back to “Legends of Lancaster,” sponsored by the Lancaster Barnstormers. This exclusive LancasterOnline video series goes in-depth into the lore and legends of Lancaster County. These mini-documentaries touch on everything from intriguing history, to colorful myths, to various tall tales that have been passed down through generations.

In this episode, videographer Tyler Huber takes a trip to two covered bridges off of Mondale Road: the Hunsecker’s Mill Covered Bridge and the Pinetown Covered Bridge. One of these bridges is claimed to be haunted but sources make it unclear which one. Legend says a little Amish girl was playing on one of these bridges one day and fell over into the water and drowned. There is no record of this death but that didn’t stop this story from circulating. There is a dare that involves visiting the bridge at night, parking the car in the middle of it and turning off all the lights. Huber tested this dare out himself at both bridges to see if he experienced any paranormal phenomena.

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