Welcome back to “Legends of Lancaster,” sponsored by the Lancaster Barnstormers. This exclusive LancasterOnline video series goes in-depth into the lore and legends of Lancaster County. These mini-documentaries touch on everything from intriguing history, to colorful myths, to various tall tales that have been passed down through generations.

In this episode, videographer Tyler Huber takes a look at the Hans Graf Cemetery in Rowenna. Legend says this two-centuries-old cemetery is haunted by a werewolf or a ghostly canine. Nighttime visitors to the plot report hearing strange canine barking noises while some report witnessing a white canine among the graves. They say if you circle the cemetery wall seven times under a full moon, you won’t live to see morning.

Thanks to Brenton Sollenberger for submitting this idea. Have a local legend story you’d like us to look into? Email thuber@lnpnews.com to submit your ideas.


'Legends of Lancaster': Exploring the myths and ghost stories of Lancaster County