Anna M. Dominguez 10082019

Anna M. Dominguez, 56, of Lancaster, is charged with impersonating comedian Lisa Lampenelli at Lampanelli's Fairfield, Connecticut, home on Friday, Oct. 4, 2019, according to Fairfield police.

A Lancaster woman claimed to be comedian Lisa Lampanelli to Lampanelli's sister and get into Lampanelli's Connecticut home, police there said.

Anna Dominguez, 56, was arrested Friday after trying to enter Lampanelli's home when no one was home, according to the Fairfield Police Department.

According to a police report, Dominguez called Lampanelli's sister from outside the comedian's house pretending to be Lampanelli and asking where the key was.

Lampanelli sent a video from her home surveillance system to police of a woman at her front door around 5:15 p.m.

The video showed a woman looking into the front door, then checking under the door mat and statues, apparently for a key, the police report said.

Later that night, an officer drove past Lampanelli's home and saw a Volkswagen Passat with a Pennsylvania license in the driveway. The car was registered to Dominguez, police said.

Police called Lampanelli, who said she didn't know Dominguez.

Police tried to reach Dominguez by phone, but couldn't, and then searched the house – finding no one –and arranged to tow the vehicle.

When the truck arrived, police said a car light began blinking and they found Dominguez inside.

While police were taking Dominguez to the station, she "told officers she is suffering from dementia and that it is hard for her to let go of her famous life," the report said.

Dominguez told police she was seeing a doctor, but couldn't give a name.

Dominguez is charged with attempted burglary and is being held unable to post $500 bond and has a Nov. 7 court hearing. She did not have an attorney, The Associated Press reported.