Youth Climate Strike

15 year old Lily Gould holds a sign with the youth who gathered in Penn Square to take part in Youth Climate Strike to protest the government’s failure to take action to stop climate change Friday, Mar. 15, 2019. The group then walked to Congressman Lloyd Smuckers office.

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Our editorial board has received several letters to the editor about climate change.

We must act aggressively and immediately on climate change [opinion]

Some Lancastrians believe climate change is a real, living threat to modern-day society, while others think the issue is being blown entirely out of proportion.

Read a few excerpts written by people in the local community. 

Trump is oblivious to climate change [letter]

Despite the ever-increasing ferocity of fire and flooding throughout the land, Trump refuses to acknowledge climate change. All of nature’s maladies have increased in number and severity. There are many more hurricanes and tornadoes in a season and their destructive power is awesome. Floods cause rivers to overflow their banks for miles. Cities burn to the ground. Trump is oblivious.

With his very limited vision, he fails to see the great profit in pursuing renewable energy. Windmills, he scoffs, lower the value of your home by 75% and cause cancer. And, like solar power, when there’s no wind or sun, one’s electricity disappears, he contends. And who needs that?

- Robert Ambacher, Manor Township

God controls the climate [letter]

This latest deception of man attempting to control the climate will ultimately be exposed by God himself and ranks alongside the falsehood that the unborn child is just a glob of fetus and the exorbitant lies being taught from Darwinian evolution.

There are two perspectives regarding the out-of-control weather and the quirks of nature. The secular view rests with those who deny the sovereignty of God and believe that man controls planet Earth’s destiny. This climatic crusade involves a political worldwide movement designed to drive our nation into global socialism. Its ultimate end is death to America.

- Homer Snavely, Cleona

Do climate alarmists 'walk the walk'? [letter]

I believe climate change is a fact, that it’s produced by powerful natural forces explainable by science, that it has always existed, and that it’s little affected by human activity.

So I’m unpersuaded by the frantic letters from global warming alarmists and commentary from the LNP Editorial Board claiming that climate change is primarily the result of human activity and that we have the ability to alter it.

... It’s my strong belief that most global warming alarmists are doing nothing significant when it comes to their carbon footprints but have adopted the “rules for thee but not for me” credo of Al Gore and other celebrity hypocrites.

- Linford Youndt, Elizabeth Township

Climate change science isn't politics [letter]

A recent NPR poll found that more than 80% of parents want climate change taught in schools. The same poll stated that teachers supported climate change’s inclusion in lesson plans. Only 42% of teachers say it’s happening, and politics is probably to blame.

Education works when parents and teachers are conveying the same messages to children, but only 45% of parents say they discuss the topic at home.

... Students deserve to be presented the facts, not political spin. After all, it would be foolish to stop teaching the Earth is round just because some hold baseless beliefs to the contrary.

The price tag for current and future environmental changes is growing quickly — a cost that will be further borne by the next generation. Last year’s National Climate Assessment projected that climate change will cause enough damage alone to shrink the U.S. economy by 10% in the next century. That’s hundreds of billions of dollars lost to damage by rising sea levels, hurricanes, floods, fires and pollution-caused health issues.

Let’s give the kids the facts, so they have the tools to positively affect their (and their children’s) destinies.

- Alan Peterson, M.D., Pequea Township

Why it's hard to be optimistic [letter]

... Climate change: Republicans say it doesn’t exist, and Democrats think it exists but do nothing but talk to combat its effects.

- Brad Tinkham, Elizabethtown

Climate alarmists and credentials [letter]

Those who write about the “truth” of climate change should list their technical credentials in climatology, meteorology and/or any of the analytical sciences so readers will know to go further or to stop reading.

Climate alarmists, ethicists and lobbyists ignore the power of nature and assume they can forecast future climate outcomes. Without knowing their scientific credentials, I will trust the groundhog.

At least the groundhog knows not to predict beyond six weeks.

- Bob Horst, Manheim Township

Climate change demands action [letter]

The most common “criticism” you might come across when discussing systemic, human-induced climate change is the argument that if you, the reader, aren’t personally stopping climate change, then the government shouldn’t act in the collective interest of the whole to stop it. This argument was featured in the March 29 letter “Do climate alarmists ‘walk the walk’?

But what’s wrong with this argument? Shouldn’t people put their money where their mouth is? To understand it, let’s look at what this argument tries to accomplish: to obfuscate the true systemic cause of climate change.

... Ending climate change doesn’t require a drop in our quality of life. It just takes collective ownership and investment of the systems we need to survive and transforming them into producers of a better, healthier world.

- Ryan Gebhardt, Lancaster

What are your thoughts?

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