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This week, Lancaster Watchdog examines a misspelled sign in Manheim Borough, provides an update on a tricky left turn in Warwick Township and one final update on the swale in West Hempfield Township.


If you’ve driven south on West High Street toward Sporting Hill, you may have done a double-take at a sign before a left curve.

Watchdog Mastersonville Sign

A sign in Manheim misspells Mastersonville.

A sign alerting drivers to nearby towns was replaced near Miller Drive in Manheim but replaced the correctly-spelled “Mastersonville” to “Masternsonville” — with an N.

Back in October 2018, the town was correctly spelled on the sign, according to a Google Street View image.

For most roads and intersections, municipalities are required to submit requests to PennDOT in order to obtain a new sign.

Watchdog was informed members of the Manheim Public Works Department would inspect the sign and verify the error before seeking a replacement sign.

More tests needed

A left turn lane at the intersection of Newport Road at Furnace Hills Pike (Route 501) in Warwick Township has caused extensive backups and prompted requests for a new turn signal, Watchdog reported on Aug. 11.

The left turn onto Route 501 from Newport Road is undergoing a traffic study, according to Warwick Township Manager Daniel Zimmerman.

A study must meet PennDOT requirements before requesting a new or altered signal.

“We will see if it qualifies,” Zimmerman said. “If it does, the light will be modified.”

Swale restored in West Hempfield

After nearly three years, natural gas company UGI says it has restored a swale along Stony Battery Road in West Hempfield Township.

A contractor completed restoration work on the swale last week, according to a UGI spokesman.

swale swamp 3

Dam area that is causing the water backup and stagnant water. There is a swale that is not draining and it is turning into a swamp along Stoney Battery Road near Church Street and the Hempfield Recreation Center. Friday, May 24, 2019

Modifications were made where to “allow a maximum amount of (storm)water to infiltrate and thus better protect the local water resources,” the spokesman said.

During warmer months over the past three years, standing water at the swale -- dubbed the “UGI Swamp” by exasperated township residents and officials -- attracted mosquitoes, raising health concerns, especially due to its proximity to a BB&T Bank and Hempfield Rec Center facilities.

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