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This week, Lancaster Watchdog examines at the closure of the wading pool at King Elementary School in Lancaster city, as well as concerns over a downed utility pole along a popular road in Upper Leacock Township.

Pool closed

Summer officially began recently, but time is of the essence for wading pools across the city, especially one at King Elementary School.

The Summer Playground Program, run by the Lancaster Recreation Commission, provides supervised access for children at six locations with local wading pools and playgrounds across the city from mid-June through early August.

The King Street Elementary location, however, has remained closed.

Residents of the Southeast have voiced frustrations online about the King Elementary pool closure, saying availability issues at the site have occurred in the past.

In 2015, the pool was only open for about a week due to structural repairs that kept it shuttered for most of that summer.

“This is near and dear to me,” resident Eliud Diaz told Watchdog. “Two weeks into the summer season and this is the only one that’s not open,” he said.

The closure is due to structural cracks discovered over the winter, according to Deputy Public Works Director Matthew Metzler.

Initially thought to be an issue with cracked pipes, the pool failed to retain water after initial repairs, he stated, leading to the discovery of cracks on the pool floor.

The multi-step repair process, which Metzler says is ongoing, include a complete coating removal, crack repairs, sealing installation and several rinses.

Repair costs have exceeded $46,000, according to Metzler.

Weather permitting, the city is aiming for completed repairs sometime this week, although a curing period and additional water testing will hold back reopening until after the Fourth of July through the end of the season, which ends Aug. 9.

Snapped pole in Upper Leacock

Watchdog has received numerous concerned emails about a downed pole on Horseshoe Road in Upper Leacock Township.

The site of the pole, located at Horseshoe Road between Creek Hill Road and Newport Road, shows a pole snapped in half with wires hanging just a few feet off the ground, cushioned by high grass.

“Ever(y) time I pass (Horseshoe Road) this I’m AMAZED it is still in this condition,” wrote one reader. “ANYONE, including young kids, could easily walk over to the attached wires and reach them.”

Watchdog has reached out to several utility companies to find the source of the poll and is awaiting responses.

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