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This week, Lancaster Watchdog takes a look at a vacant playground closed off in Manheim Township, as well as an update on an “eyesore” property in Lancaster Township.

State of play

Along Weaver Road in Manheim Township, residents will find a natural extension to Overlook Park in Weaver Road Park.

The park at 2878 Weaver Road has long been called “Weaver fields” due to its baseball and soccer fields and relative lack of hardware. However, a playground was commissioned for the park and virtually completed in recent months, but children have been restricted from entering the grounds.

The brand-new playground is surrounded by construction tape “no trespassing” signs.

What’s going on?

Just hold on, kids, it’s almost ready.

The playground must undergo grading before it’s ready to be opened, according to Manheim Township Public Works Director Phillip Mellot.

“We don’t want kids to get a bunch of dirt on them,” he said, although he adds some children have already jumped over the construction tape and enjoyed the playground.

A contractor is scheduled to begin grading the playground area this week, weather permitting, he said.

Former junkyard ‘all cleaned up’

The Cinco de Mayo edition of Lancaster Watchdog examined a lot along Route 222 heading north toward Lancaster city that one reader opined “does not make a great impression when entering the city.”

Lancaster Township Zoning Officer Tom Daniels seemed to agree — “it was bad,” he told Watchdog in May. It was filled with junk cars, trash piles and even an “unspecified liquid.” His phone went off the hook with complaints, he added.

The property was already improving its appearance following a violation notice in March, but nearly a month after Watchdog’s report, the lot is “all cleaned up,” Daniels said. “The property owner fully complied with the (violation) notice,” he added.

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