This week, Lancaster Watchdog follows up on a bridge closed for more than a year in East Lampeter Township and checks on a broken sign in Manheim Township.

One more delay on Eden Road Bridge

15 months.

That’s how long the Eden Road Bridge connecting its namesake road in Manheim Township with Millcross Road in East Lampeter Township has been closed to traffic amid a bridge reconstruction project that has seen numerous delays.

The bridge crosses over the Conestoga River. Since the bridge closed, many drivers have resorted to crossing the river using the bridge carrying New Holland Pike (Route 23) farther north.

Back in June, Watchdog looked into the progression of the county-owned bridge and learned a planned completion in July was moved to early October.

But the planned 228-foot-long bridge won’t hit that target, either.

According to a new update from Charlie Douts, Lancaster County facilities manager, the bridge won’t be opened to traffic until at least Dec. 20.

Douts said the contractor, Atglen-based J.D. Eckman, asked the county to extend the construction period of the project due to a water line that was not previously identified.

Workers need the extra time to find a way to build the bridge without impacting the line, he added. Inclement weather during the summer also led to a delay in the project, Douts said.

The Dec. 20 date would be for only a “substantial completion,” meaning other aesthetic improvements like final wearing course, paving, landscaping and grass seeding will be held off for the spring, assuming no further delays are imposed.

Flattened sign

Drivers around Park City Center may have noticed a sign knocked down at the median on Harrisburg Pike.

One reader noticed it has lingered for some time.

Watchdog Median 10-11-1

A nearby media shows the same sign as a flattened one on Harrisburg Pike near Park City Center.

“There is clearly a sign that looks like it was knocked down by a truck,” the reader stated.

“I don’t even know what the sign says, but it might be confusing to those unfamiliar with the intersection.”

Watchdog checked out the flattened median, which is right before drivers turn left on the ramp onto Route 30 West.

The sign isn’t essential to navigating the road — it is a sign warning drivers that a median is present. The same sign is located on medians before and after the one in question.

Watchdog has alerted Manheim Township to the flattened sign.

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