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This week, Lancaster Watchdog inquires about the lack of speed signs at a road running adjacent to an Eastern Lancaster County school and checks on the construction work done on the ever-busy Prince Street in Lancaster city.

School zone

Garden Spot High School, with its 1,000 students, sees a moderate amount of traffic, just like any other school.

However, a Watchdog reader noticed one strange absence on a road bordering the Eastern Lancaster County school.

“There is no school zone” on Tower Road, east of the school’s campus, the reader correctly states.

The road borders New Holland Borough and East Earl Township.

“On Route 23 in front of the school, there is a school zone,” the reader continues. In addition to the lack of school zone signage, there are there are no speed limit signs on Tower Road.

“Especially with buses pulling onto Tower Road from the school and student drivers, this should be addressed,” the reader writes.

“Honestly, I never noticed that there were not speed limit signs,” Eastern Lancaster County School District Superintendent Bob Hollister tells Watchdog.

He agreed there should at least be school zone indicator signs.

The signage, if sought, would be installed by the township.

Hollister adds there haven’t been many issues with drivers — student or otherwise — on Tower Road, except for some vehicles going off the road in inclement winter weather.

Prince Street hold up

Summers are notorious for construction projects in Lancaster city, but one in the heart of downtown seems to be taking forever, a reader says.

“The road work on south Prince Street has been ongoing since March 20th, making for a very bumpy and inconvenient road,” one reader writes.

“We are hoping the work will be concluded soon, with both lanes of traffic open and no steel plates,” the reader adds. “Further concerning is that we do not know if it will be repaved when the construction is over.”

Well, be prepared to wait a while longer.

The roadwork by contractors for UGI — which began toward the end of March — is expected to continue through early next year with the exception of the winter holiday season, according to UGI spokesman Joe Swope.

The natural gas company is working on replacing a natural gas main block by block on Prince Street from Seymour Street to just beyond West James Street.

UGI work

A worker from Miller Pipeline makes a saw cut in the backtop for the UGI work in the 500 block of South Prince Street Thursday, March 28, 2019.

“UGI recognizes area residents will be inconvenienced during this project,” said Timothy Angstadt, vice president of operations for UGI, in a news release. “We will work to complete construction in a timely manner.”

Lancaster city also plans some water and sewer work on the first block of South Prince Street and around Conestoga Street, according to Matthew Metzler, city deputy public works director.

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