Firefighters were called on scene at Kensington Club apartments less than 24 hours after the fire that displaced 34 residents.

Around 8:50 p.m., residents of the apartment complex reported that the building was again on fire.

The wind picked up and rekindled the "stubborn" fire, said Lancaster fire chief Ron Comfort. The fire has been tricky to extinguish, as there are parts of the building that are no longer safe to enter.

The fire has been confirmed to be under control by Comfort. The building was unoccupied at the time of the reignition.

The cause of a fire that displaced 34 people overnight at Kensington Club Apartments in Lancaster Township is undetermined, a fire marshal said Friday. 

The three-alarm fire was called in at 1:05 a.m., at 622 Wyncroft Lane, Friday.

Trooper Tim Pray, a Pennsylvania State Police fire marshal, said the building was "structurally unsafe" to investigate inside. 

All of the residents were safely evacuated from the building and many of them watched the blaze, wrapped in blankets. 

A couple of people declined treatment for smoke inhalation, according to Lancaster Township assistant fire chief Mike Pickard.

Pickard said a flat rubber roof made it difficult to fight the fire because it insulated the heat and flames.

Ron Simoncini, a spokesman for the apartment complex, said property managers received reports of the fire at Building 622 at 1 a.m. Friday. Ten of its 12 units were occupied, he said in a statement. He said the building “has been lost.”

The Red Cross is assisting 18 families, approximately 34 people, according to communications director Lisa Landis. She added that there was a number of small children included in those families.

Simoncini said displaced residents are being given debit cards to check into hotels. He added that Kensington is arranging to relocate displaced families to new apartments onsite. 

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Landis said the Red Cross is helping the families with shelter, clothing and food. 

She expects more people and families to come forward in the following days. 

Anyone who needs to get into contact with Red Cross can call the dispatch number, at 1-800-422-7677. 

Friday’s blaze was the third major fire at the 500-unit Kensington Club Apartments in the past seven years.

In March 2018, about 24 residents were displaced after a fire that started when workers replacing a rubber roof attempted to seal a seam with a torch. The fire destroyed an eight-unit building and caused an estimated $1.2 million in damage.

In July 2012, about 40 residents were displaced after a fire broke out when a maintenance worker used a cleaning material near a hot water heater, fire officials said at the time. That fire destroyed four apartments and damaged four others, causing an estimated $325,000 in damage. The fire also forced the cutting of gas service to 24 units, adding to the number of people displaced.

Wabank Road is currently closed at the entrance to the apartment complex.

Kensington Club Apartments is in the 1400 block of Wabank Road in Lancaster Township.

Roughly three dozen fire companies and emergency units were on the scene, along with the Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshal. 

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