Bear sighting at State and New

UPDATE: The bear was spotted Wednesday night in a tree on Columbia Avenue.

Lancaster resident Ryan Trainor was out for a run Wednesday morning when he spotted a bear roaming State Street.  

“At first glance, I thought there was a dog in the middle of the road,” Trainor said in an email. “As I got a bit closer, it clearly wasn't moving the way a dog would, and I realized it was a bear. I'd seen black bears before in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, but I'd never seen one in a neighborhood!”

Trainor said he and a neighbor had both been surprised by the sighting. 

“Another neighbor of mine was walking her dog nearby, so we looked at each other in surprise and then I took out my phone and snapped a few pictures.”

Within minutes, police arrived on the scene “and seemed to scare the bear, which ran down the street and into a yard,“ Trainor said.

As a father of young children, Trainor said of the animal visitor, “it's definitely a bit scary to think that a bear was wandering through backyards on our street! We'll feel better when the bear is safe and returned to his or her habitat.”

Check out the video, below, that Trainor took of the bear. While the videos are short, viewers can see that the bear was just scampering along the streets of Lancaster.