Lancaster General Hospital on North Duke Street in Lancaster city.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has cited Lancaster General Hospital for failing to properly investigate and report allegations of abuse.

A report from the department says it called for immediate action from the hospital at 4 p.m. Nov. 14 and accepted its plan to address the problem 45 minutes later.

The report says the department's investigation was triggered by an alleged incident involving an employee on Sept. 12 that the hospital had determined was unfounded and did not report to the department or local police, allowing the employee to return to work.

Police came to a different conclusion and arrested the employee on Nov. 8, the report said, and after the hospital reported the incident to the health department on Nov. 12, investigation turned up three more incidents that were not handled as they should have been.

The department does not name the people involved in any of the incidents, but LNP previously reported that Lancaster city police announced that pulmonary therapist Shawn Moyer, 30, had been charged with an indecent assault that allegedly occurred Sept. 12 and placed on administrative leave.

Police said Moyer is accused of touching the genitalia of an unconscious patient in a non-clinical fashion, with the patient awaking to find Moyer with his own genitalia exposed, at which point Moyer ran from the room.

LGH started investigating the second incident on July 18, 2017, and the patient reported three days later that someone allegedly fondled the patient's genitals for five to 10 minutes while applying topical medication to a rash, the report said.

LGH started investigating the third incident on June 7, 2018, and its notes revealed that the patient said a nurse grabbed and pulled the patient backward in a rough manner, the report said.

LGH started investigating the fourth incident on Aug. 7, 2017, and its notes showed that patient's wife struck the patient, and the patient restrained the wife's hand and the staff immediately intervened, the report said.

The report said the incidents were not reported to appropriate authorities as required because the facility's investigations determined them to be unfounded.

LGH spokesman John Lines said in an email that Moyer remains on administrative leave. Asked if he had any further comment, he did not offer any.

According to the health department, LGH's approved action plan includes involving senior leadership and legal counsel to ensure all investigations are complete and reporting is timely; revising the policy for allegations or witnessed assaults of a patient with clear expectations, documentation and timeframes; developing a tracking tool to document each step of the investigation; and modifying the education for mandatory reporting.