Conservation awards

From left, Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding, Wanda Wilson, Rhonda Slaymaker, Linda Ferich, Mary Ann Schlegel, Scott and Linda Wagner, Joyce and Robert Wagner, Lancaster County Commissioner Dennis Stuckey.

The Lancaster County Conservation District handed out annual conservation education awards recently at its 67th awards banquet.

Robert Wagner received the Director Emeritus Award for 43 years as a volunteer.

Rhonda Slaymaker and Wanda Wilson were honored with the Youth Conservation Service Award for their many years of donating their time as nurses at the district’s annual Youth Conservation School.

Mary Ann Schlegel, a naturalist at the Lancaster County Environmental Center, received the Conservation Educator Award for dedicated teaching to help students explore the environment and gain a greater understanding of the value of natural resources.

Linda Ferich received the Watershed Volunteer Award in recognition of her commitment to water resource protection and watershed education for 10 years. She has marshaled volunteers to monitor streams and provided opportunities for community residents to learn about stream life.

Elizabeth Township was recognized with the first Outstanding Dirt and Gravel Road Award. The township has received several grants in recent years to maintain a road that borders scenic Segloch Run, an Exceptional Value stream, and Hammer Creek, a waterway rated High Quality by the state.

The Conservation of Natural Resources Award went to Scott and Linda Wagner for their conscientious efforts to protect wetlands and stream areas during the construction of a new turkey operation.

The 2018 Outstanding Cooperator Award went to Doug Herr of E.M. Herr Farm. The award honors a farm operation that has demonstrated a commitment to conserving the natural resources of their farm in working with the Conservation District. The Herrs implemented such best-management practices as field terraces, grassed waterways, contour farming and cover crops.

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