Trump acquittal protest

Demonstrators gather next to the Soldiers & Sailors monument at Penn Square in downtown Lancaster Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020 for the Reject the Coverup - Rise for Democracy protest.

President Donald Trump was acquitted of impeachment charges Wednesday afternoon, putting an end to the third presidential trial in American history. 

LNP | LancasterOnline interviewed several residents with a range of opinions about the acquittal. Here they are. 

“Facts are critical when you’re dealing with a trial. Facts eliminate emotion…. And I thought the case brought by the house was weak -- more emotion," Bill Kleine, of Pequea Township, said.

“If we impeach a president every time they do something inappropriate, we would never have a president,” Ted Fabianski, of Manor Township, said.

"(The House of Representatives) couldn't prove their argument to me. Where was the proof of anything they were saying?" Bobbi Myers, East Lampeter Township, said.

"I expected this outcome because I did not feel that the impeachment articles were factually sound," Stu Wesbury, of West Lampeter Township, said.

“I think that (the impeachment) is  going to be one of the worse things that the (Democrats) ever did for the Democratic Party," N.J. Huss, of West Lampeter Township, said. "I'm glad he was acquitted."

"Friday's vote (to block new witnesses) was more important because it dealt with the truth," Ajay Marwaha, of East Lampeter Township, said, "...not covering it up."

"I'm made sad by the fact that the Senate did not stand up to what they should be doing — to the oath that they took," Jennifer Mann, of West Lampeter Township.

"We just need to move forward and put this behind us," Charles Linares, of Lancaster city, said. "...The next best option is to just elect senators with the courage to stand up to Trump."

"If the glove fit, (Trump) should not have been acquitted," Eric Wickenheiser, of Martic Township, said. "The glove fit."

"I think we're watching the shredding of our democracy," Bonnie Stoeckl, of Martic Township, said.