DUI Checkpoint 2014

In this 2014 file photos, an officer talks to a driver during a DUI checkpoint along Route 322 in Ephrata on Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014. 

Local law enforcement will be on the prowl for people driving under the influence this holiday in Lancaster County.

Police started the increased enforcement on Wednesday and plan to continue through the weekend, according to the Lancaster County district attorney’s office.

At least one stationary checkpoint is planned in the county, the district attorney’s office said.

Along with the checkpoint, police will be doing “roving patrols” throughout the county, specifically targeting vehicles that show signs of impairment.

Drug recognition expert officers will also be on patrol, the district attorney’s office said, looking for signs of drug use.

On Thanksgiving of last year, there were 481 DUI-related crashes, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Of those, 14 were fatal.

“That is more total crashes than those reported for any other holiday period,” the district attorney’s office said.

Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman urges drivers to think of the consequences of their actions and “do the smart and easy thing, so everyone stays safe” by calling a taxi or a ride-share service.