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Serious incidents were reported in recent inspection at three local nursing homes, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and Medicare fined four homes for incidents that happened last year.

Lancaster County has 32 nursing homes, which are inspected by the department. The following is a list of nursing home health inspection reports released since late February.

Much additional information on each home is available on the Medicare Nursing Home Compare website.

Standard inspections are performed annually, unannounced. Complaint inspections are performed when a complaint about a nursing home is registered with the department.

Deficiencies are ranked from least to most serious, as follows: potential harm, minimal harm, actual harm and immediate jeopardy.

Immediate jeopardy and actual harm deficiency reports are summarized below, and the number of minimal harm and potential harm deficiencies listed.

The current average number of deficiencies per facility is 8.4 in Pennsylvania and 7.8 in the United States, according to Medicare.

Here are the latest reports:

Brethren Village, 3001 Lititz Pike, Lancaster: Complaint inspections Jan. 16 and Feb. 6; no deficiencies.

Calvary Fellowship Homes Inc., 502 Elizabeth Drive, Lancaster: Standard inspection Feb. 26; one minimal harm deficiency.

Conestoga View, 900 E. King St., Lancaster: Complaint inspection Feb. 5; one minimal harm deficiency.

Elizabeth Manor Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, 320 S. Market St., Elizabethtown: Standard inspection Jan. 14; one actual harm deficiency and 10 minimal harm deficiencies. The report said required equipment wasn't used for two residents and one fell from a bed during a procedure with just one staff member assisting instead of the two that should have been, resulting in a fractured femur. 

Elizabethtown Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, 141 Heisey Ave., Elizabethtown: Standard and complaint inspections Feb. 7; twenty minimal harm deficiencies and two potential harm deficiencies.

Ephrata Manor, 99 Bethany Road, Ephrata: Standard inspection Jan. 31; no deficiencies.

Fairmount Homes, 333 Wheat Ridge Drive, Ephrata: Standard inspection Jan. 23; no deficiencies.

Harrison Senior Living of Christiana, 41 Newport Ave., Christiana: Standard inspection Feb. 15; fifteen minimal harm deficiencies.

Lakeside at Willow Valley, 300 Willow Valley Lakes Drive, Willow Street: Standard inspection Feb. 7; no deficiencies.

Lancashire Hall, 2829 Lititz Pike, Lancaster: Complaint inspections Jan. 31 and Feb. 28; three minimal harm deficiencies. On Sept. 4, 2018, Medicare fined the home $51,285. The report on that date said a resident with dementia, osteoporosis and left side weakness had a left arm fracture while being bathed by two staffers.

Landis Homes, 1001 E. Oregon Road, Lititz: Standard inspection March 12; four minimal harm deficiencies and one potential harm deficiency.

Luther Acres Manor, 400 St. Luke Drive, Lititz: On June 26, 2018, Medicare fined the home $127,706. The report on that date said a resident's leg fractured Feb. 10 during a mechanical lift transfer attended by one person instead of the recommended two. 

Manorcare Health Services Lancaster, 100 Abbeyville Road, Lancaster: Complaint inspection Feb. 1; three minimal harm deficiencies.

Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, 1 Masonic Drive, Elizabethtown: Complaint inspection Jan. 24; one immediate jeopardy deficiency and two minimal harm deficiencies. The report said results of a Nov. 10 screening test were not communicated to a physician, leading to continued administration of an anticoagulant medication which — after visiting family raised concerns — resulted in a resident's emergency transport to the hospital on Dec. 1 with a critical hemoglobin level. On Aug. 10, 2018, Medicare fined the home $111,000. The report on that date said a resident went to the hospital March 5 with injuries including a cervical spine fracture after being left unattended on a mechanical lift and falling while a nursing assistant worked with another resident.

The Mennonite Home, 1520 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster: Standard inspection Feb. 26; two minimal harm deficiencies. 

Moravian Manor, 300 W. Lemon St., Lititz: Inspection Feb. 19; one actual harm deficiency. The report said the home failed to keep a resident from being unsupervised in a wheelchair, which resulted in the resident falling and sustaining a nasal fracture.

Rose City Nursing & Rehabilitation at Lancaster, 425 N. Duke St., Lancaster: Complaint inspection Feb. 28; five minimal harm deficiencies.

Susquehanna Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, 745 Chiques Hill Road, Columbia: Complaint inspections Jan. 11 and Feb. 21; no deficiencies.

The Gardens at Stevens, 400 Lancaster Ave., Stevens: Standard inspection March 4; eight minimal harm deficiencies.

United Zion Retirement Community, 722 Furnace Hills Pike, Lititz: Standard inspection Jan. 31; three minimal harm deficiencies. On July 16, 2018, Medicare fined the home $156,419. The report on that date said a resident who should have been supervised while using the toilet was left alone, fell and had to be taken to the hospital with a fracture to the cervical spine, and the Pennsylvania Department of Aging should have been notified of the incident but was not.

Zerbe Sisters Nursing Center, 2499 Zerbe Road, Narvon: Complaint inspection Jan. 8; no deficiencies.