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The Pennsylvania Department of Health has fined six Lancaster County nursing homes a combined total of $126,500, state records show.

The fines were issued in the last three months of 2018 because of problems reported in inspections dated January 2017 through August 2018, according to the records. 

Lancaster County has 32 nursing homes, which are inspected by the department. The following is a list of nursing home health inspection reports and fines released since mid-January.

Much additional information on each home is available on the Medicare Nursing Home Compare website.

Deficiencies are ranked from least to most serious, as follows: potential harm, minimal harm, actual harm and immediate jeopardy.

The number of minimal harm deficiencies found is listed below. No new immediate jeopardy, actual harm or potential harm deficiencies were reported recently.

The current average number of deficiencies per facility is 6.6 in Pennsylvania and 5.8 in the United States, according to Medicare.

Here are the latest reports:

Elizabeth Manor Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, 320 S. Market St., Elizabethtown: The department reported that on Nov. 20 it fined the home $38,500 because of an inspection conducted Jan. 17, 2017. The report on that date said a resident was given a roommate's medication, became unresponsive, and eventually had to be hospitalized for four days, but remained at the home for hours before being taken to the hospital when initial calls and texts to the resident's physician and the medical director were not returned, and that the director of nursing, nursing home administrator and resident's power of attorney were not notified in a timely fashion. The report also said the home failed to establish treatment parameters or check pain levels before administering prescribed narcotic and narcotic-like medications to two patients.

Harrison Senior Living of Christiana, 41 Newport Ave., Christiana: Complaint inspection Dec. 16; no deficiencies. The department reported that on Oct. 25 it fined the home $7,250 because of an inspection conducted May 25, 2017. The report on that date said a resident fractured shoulder and thumb by falling half a flight of stairs after a malfunction of a door lock mechanism that had previously resulted in harm to a resident and that the home had previously fixed it and was supposed to check door locks five times a week but the last one on record before the May 7 incident was April 20. 

Kadima Nursing & Rehabilitation at Lititz, 125 S. Broad St., Lititz: Standard inspection Dec. 24; seven minimal harm deficiencies.

Lancashire Hall, 2829 Lititz Pike, Lancaster: Complaint and standard inspection Dec. 19 and complaint inspection Jan. 4; three actual harm deficiencies and 13 minimal harm deficiencies. The reports say the home didn't follow doctor's orders for two residents, resulting in one requiring intravenous antibiotics because a surgical site re-opened and got infected; failed to ensure that a second staffer assisted with a resident, resulting in a fractured leg; failed to supervise a resident with Alzheimer's, which resulted in the resident rummaging through a medication cart garbage container; and failed to prevent pressure ulcers in two residents.

Manorcare Health Services Lancaster, 100 Abbeyville Road, Lancaster: The department reported that on Sept. 18 it fined the home $23,250 because of an inspection conducted March 3, 2017. The report on that date said a resident was taken to the hospital with a kidney injury and put on a ventilator after being given medication intended for a different resident.

Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, 1 Masonic Drive, Elizabethtown: The department reported that on Dec. 26 it fined the home $21,000 because of an inspection conducted Aug. 10, 2018. The report on that date said a resident went to the hospital March 5 with injuries including a cervical spine fracture after being left unattended on a mechanical lift and falling while a nursing assistant worked with another resident.

Rehabilitation Center at Brethren Village LLC, 3001 Lititz Pike, Lancaster: Standard and complaint inspection Dec. 20; no deficiencies.

Rose City Nursing & Rehabilitation at Lancaster, 425 N. Duke St., Lancaster: Complaint inspection Jan. 3; no deficiencies.

Susquehanna Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, 745 Chiques Hill Road, Columbia: The department reported that on Nov. 8, 2018, it fined the home $5,500 because of an inspection conducted June 20, 2017, and that on Dec. 7, 2018, it fined the home $6,500 because of an inspection conducted May 6, 2017. The May 6 report said that two residents with heart conditions weren’t given prescribed anticoagulant medications for 20 and 40 days, with one admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of pulmonary embolism in both lungs. The June 20 report said the home failed to ensure a resident had sufficient fluid intake, resulting in "a change in mental status, abnormal vital signs, admission to the hospital and subsequent death."

United Zion Retirement Community, 722 Furnace Hills Pike, Lititz: The department reported that on Dec. 27, 2018, it fined the home $24,500 because of an inspection conducted July 16, 2018. The report on that date said a resident who should have been supervised while using the toilet was left alone, fell and had to be taken to the hospital with a fracture to the cervical spine.

Zerbe Sisters Nursing Center, 2499 Zerbe Road, Narvon: Complaint inspection Jan. 8; no deficiencies.