The Lancaster County commissioners indicated on Tuesday that they will not vote to increase salaries for the county’s elected officials for the 2020-2023 term.

State law mandates that county boards of commissioners set salaries for their positions and for county row officers, who independently manage county government offices, prior to the next year’s election for those positions.

Final determination on Lancaster County’s plans will be made at an evening commissioners' meeting on Nov. 27 when the 2019 budget will be discussed.

Commissioners Josh Parson, Craig Lehman and Dennis Stuckey indicated they felt that keeping salaries the same was appropriate. Row officers in attendance also indicated they supported the idea.

“I would recommend that we maintain the 0 percent,” Clerk of Courts Jackie Pfursich said. “I know all of us here were elected to provide the best county government possible for the least amount of taxpayer dollars. We’ve been able to do that successfully in the courts office, as well as my fellow row officers here, and I would recommend that we continue holding the line at 0 percent.”

Salaries for row officers currently sit just under $90,000 a year, while that of the commissioners is about $100,000.

The salary of the district attorney is $180,091, an amount set by the state Legislature.

All commissioner seats and row offices, except controller and recorder of deeds, are up for election in 2019.

Lehman has announced he is seeking re-election, and Stuckey has said he will not. Parsons, as well as the row officers, have not yet indicated their plans.