Fawn rescue 05262019

Lampeter-Strasburg seniors Derek Eckman and Dylan Byler rescued this fawn from Mill Creek in West Lampeter Township on Friday, May 24, 2019. Photo courtesy Derek Eckman.

Derek Eckman and Dylan Byler went fishing for carp Friday. Instead, they rescued a fawn.

The fawn had slipped down an embankment on Mill Creek in West Lampeter Township and got wedged between two logs, Derek Eckman said Sunday.

Byler, using his phone, recorded as Eckman freed the deer and carried it up the embankment.

Byler posted the rescue on Twitter, where the 45-second clip has been viewed over 11,000 times.

Not that the seniors, both 18, who play baseball at Lampeter-Strasburg High School, were after attention.

"I love animals and I wouldn't want to see anything happen to one," Eckman said Sunday.

Among those retweeting the video was Derek Eckman's dad, Scott Eckman, the Pioneers' third-base coach.

"It's just nice to see kids doing something good besides on the field," the elder Eckman said. "We always tell them to help other people. In this case it was a deer, but it's the same thing."

The pair had spotted the fawn from the opposite side of the creek and when they realized it was stuck, they crossed the creek to try to help it.

Derek Eckman climbed down the bank to get the fawn.

"He was scared as anything. He was shaking. He was cold," Eckman said, acknowledging he wasn't sure of the fawn's gender.

In the clip, Byler takes the fawn as Eckman slips on the bank, then hands it back.

"It was very small," Eckman said. "I picked it up and I was surprised at how light it was."

After Byler stopped recording, Eckman put the deer in a farmer's field, hoping its mother would return.

Byler and Eckman resumed fishing for a while, then went to check on the fawn.

The fawn was gone. The pair saw larger deer prints, which Eckman presumed were those of the fawn's mother.

Eckman and Byler didn't catch any carp, but they did hook a few bass, which they released, Eckman said.

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