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Lititz Borough was ready to open up as Lancaster County made the move from red to yellow Friday. Several shops and restaurants were open and anxious to see life start to return to normal. Friday, June 5, 2020.

Lancaster County officially moved to the "green phase" of Gov. Tom Wolf's reopening plan.

Last week, we asked our readers what they plan on doing now that more establishments will be open to the public.

Some simply want to get their hair cut or their nails done, while others are yearning to finally have a sit down dinner at their favorite restaurant again.

Here are the responses we received from our readers.


"First, I'll go out to eat with mom and dad. Then I'm heading out to the bar to have a few drinks. Uber will be my transportation for the night."


"Get my hair cut."


"First, get my hair done, then go out for a real 'date night' which would include a sit down dinner and movies. Then go out for breakfast and have French toast - really need some of that pretty bad!"


"Hair followed closely and secondly by a manicure/pedicure. It’s been FAR too long and to me these things ARE essential!"


"I will continue to respect the health and safety of others and wear my mask when I enter all businesses I patronize, respect the social distance of people with whom I do not live, and listen to the CDC's guidelines.  My greatest hope is that our children will be educated in school buildings in the fall."


"I will be making a hair dresser appointment to have the skunk like strip down the middle of my head covered!!!"


"Getting my dogs groomed. I can live without a haircut, but it’s been tough trying to groom them at home without all of the proper equipment."


"I've already contacted my hairdresser for a pedicure.  She's going to call me back with an appointment after June 29.  Yippee!"


"Hitting all the mom and pop shops."


"Get my nails done!"


"Eat out at a favorite restaurant! Dining out is one of my favorite things to do! I’m happy to support local businesses, but I’m so sick of takeout! I’m really looking forward to experiencing some normalcy again."


"I will not be rushing out for a haircut yet. I need to wait for a month or two to make sure cases don’t sharply increase. I miss my hairdresser, but I don’t feel safe with the lack of social distancing."

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